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The Sound Warriors - Part 11, Page 4

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そんな とき たんそしき そうわき の とっきょ を もって ベル の けんきゅうじょ に しゅうしょくして きたのが、ベルリナーなのてある。

そんなとき - that time
たんそしきそうわき の - carbon transmitter's
とっきょ - patent
を もって- held
ベル の けんきゅうじょ - Bell lab
に しゅうしょくして - to find employment
きた の が - came's + subject
ベルリナーなのてある - Berliner's of exists

That time . carbon transmitter's . patent . held . Bell's lab . to find employment . came's + subject . Berliner's of exists.

"At that time, holding a patent on a carbon-style transmitter, Berliner came to Bell's labs looking for employment."

I went with "Berliner arrived at that time, holding a patent on a carbon-type transmitter, looking for a job at Bell's labs."



エジソン の つかった スズはく の えんとう では ほぞん が きかない

エジソンのつかった - Edison's made
スズはく の - tin foil's
えんとう - cylinder
では - from + topic
ほぞん が - storing + subject
きかない - not effective

Edison's made . tin foil's . cylinder . from (topic) . storing (subject) . not effective

"Edison's tin foil cylinder isn't effective for storing."

We're running into one difference between Japanese and English. In English, we need to add either "storing sound", or make the sentence "isn't an effective storage form", in order to form a complete sentence. I decided to use:

"Edison's tin foil cylinder isn't effective for storing the sound."



おと を きざ んだ みぞも 3かい ぐらい さいせいしたら けずれて なくなってしまうしね。。。

おと - sound
きざ んだ - cut + is the reason
みぞ も - ditch + more
3かい ぐらい - 3 times about
さいせい したら - if playback do
けずれて - shaved or planed
なくなって - to disappear
しまうしね - to do plus other things + emphasizer

sound . cut + is the reason . ditch . more 3 times . if playback do . shaved . to disappear . to do plus other things . emphasis

"That's because the etch lines get worn down if you play back the sound 3 or more times."

Used as-is.



たいきゅうりょく を あげる ため には はり や えんとう に くふう が ひつよう です ね

たいきゅうりょく - stamina
を あげる ため には - increase for that reason is
はり や えんとう - needle and/or cylinder
に くふう が - towards device + subject
ひつよう - necessity
です ね - is + tag marker

stamina . increase for that reason . needle . and . cylinder . towards device (subject) . necessity . is

"So we need to improve the stamina of the needle and the cylinder, then."

To Be Continued.

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