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The Sound Warriors - Part 12, Page 4

Still more of page 4.


くれぐれ も エジソン の とっきょ に さわれぬ よう に な。

くれぐれ も - earnestly
エジソン の とっきょ に - Edison's patent towards
さわれぬ - don't touch
よう に な - take care + emphasis

earnestly . Edison's patent towards . don't touch . take care

"Be really careful to not infringe on Edison's patent."



かれ は ウルサイ です から ね

かれ は - he + topic
ウルサイ - noisy, troublesome
ですから ね - because + agreement

he (topic) . troublesome . because + agreement

"Yes, he's troublesome that way."


ハハハ、ハハハ。。。 - "Ha ha ha, ha ha ha..."

そして。。。 - "Then..."



やりました しょちょう!りっぱな しょうひん に しあがりました

やりました しょちょう - did + boss
りっぱな - legitimate
しょうひん - goods
に しあがりました - towards + finished (polite form)

did . boss!
legitimate . goods . towards finished

"We did it, boss! We've got a finished product!"

I prefer the "Boss, we did it!" syntax. Here, we're getting Bell's attention before saying what we did. "We did it, boss!" makes it sound like Bell's already listening to Berliner when he makes the announcement. Now, the fun part about "rippa-na" is that as an adjective, it can mean "splendid" and "handsome". But in the context of avoiding Edison's patent, it also has the meaning of "legitimate". And, that allows me to use the following interpretation:

"Boss, I've got our product!"


録音と再生の針を別々にしたのとスズ箔をやめたのが正解だったようです。 ウックスを作った円筒なら長持ちしますし、再生音はゴム管を作ったイヤホンで聴く方式なので、すこぶる明瞭です。

ろくおん と さいせい の はり を べつべつ に した のと スズはく を やめた のが せいかい だった よう です。 ウックス を つくった えんとう なら ながもちしますし、さいせいおとはゴムかんをつくったイヤホンできくほうしきなので、すこぶるめいりょうです。

ろくおん と - recording and
さいせい の - playback's
はり - needle
を べつべつ に した - separate towards do
のと - nominalizer + and
スズはく - tin foil
を やめた - stopped
のが - nominalizer + subject
せいかい - correct answer
だった - was
よう です - direction is

recording and playback's . needle . separate towards do . and . tin foil . stopped (subject) . correct answer . was . direction is

"The right way is to use different needles for recording and playback, and to not use tin foil."

With a little clean up, this becomes "The answer is to use different needles for recording and playback, and to not use tin foil."

ウックス を つくった えんとう なら - if use wax cylinder
ながもち - longer lasting
しますし - does among other things
さいせい - playback
おと は - sound + topic
ゴム かん - rubber tube
を つくった - used
イヤホン - ear phone
で きく - from listen
ほうしき - method
なので - (?)
すこぶる - extremely
めいりょう です - clarity is

if use wax cylinder . longer lasting . does among other things
playback . sound . rubber tube . used .ear phone . from listen . method . extremely . clarity is.

"If we use a wax cylinder, it lasts longer among other things. And, using a rubber tube for the horn makes the playback sound extremely clear."

While "iyahon" is normally treated as "earphone", in the case of the phonograph the sound cone was called the "horn", and could be another reading for "ear horn". But, I'm using horn because it's the correct English word here.

I went with "A wax cylinder lasts longer, and using a rubber tube horn gives us amazing playback clarity."

To Be Continued.

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