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The Sound Warriors - Part 13, Page 4

The last of page 4.


エジソン の ちくおんき を どだい に しながらも、かいりょう に かいりょう を かさねて ついに かいせいしてのが、いわゆるベルの『ろう管式蓄音機』である。

エジソン の ちくおんき - Edison's phonograph
を どだい - basis
に しながらも - towards quality
かいりょう に - improvement towards
かいりょう - improvement
を かさねて- once more
ついに - in the end
かいせいして - perfect do
のが - nominalizer + subject
いわゆる - what is called, so to speak
ベル の - Bell's
ろう管式蓄音機 - wax tube style phonograph
である - from is

Edison's phonograph . basis . towards quality . improvement . repeated . in the end . perfect do (subject) . what is called . Bell's . "wax tube-style phonograph" . from is

"By making repeated improvements on Edison's design, they created what was then called Bell's "wax tube-type phonograph"."

Unfortunately, I can't quickly find the real name of this type of player.  I'll go with "wax tube" until corrected later.


1885年特許出願。エジソンが思いつかなかった用途、音声学 者でもあるベルが『有名人の声を後世に残す』こととした。その後、『グラフォフォン』と名付け、売り出した。

1885ねん とっきょ しゅつがん。エジソン が おもいつかなかった よう と、おんせいがくしゃ でもある ベル が 『ゆうめいじん の こえ を こうせいにのこす』こととした。そのあと、『グラフォフォン』となつけ、うりだした。

1885ねん - 1885
とっきょしゅつがん - patent application
エジソン が - Edison + subject
おもいつかなかった - did not think of
よう と - usefulness
おんせいがくしゃ - phonetics person
でも ある - to also be
ベル が - Bell + subject
ゆうめいじん の こえ - famous people's voice
を こうせい に - posterity towards
のこす - leave behind
こと と した - thing said did
その あと - after that
グラフォフォン - Graphophone
と な つけ - said name made
うりだした - put on sale

1885. Patent application
Edison (subject) . did not think of . usefulness . phonetics person . to also be . Bell (subject) . famous people's voice . posterity towards . leave behind . thing said did . after that . Graphophone . said name made . put on sale

"1885 - Patent application.
Edison couldn't come up with a use, but Bell, having studied phonetics, wanted to record famous people's voices for posterity.  Thus he put his "graphophone" on the market."

I like the phrase "phonetics person to also be Bell".  I could have used "Bell, as a phonetics specialist" as well, but I'm constrained by the size of the word balloons.

To Be Continued.

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