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The Sound Warriors - Part 16, Page 5

The last of page 5.


こうなる と がんぜん はりきる エジソン は ちくおんき かいはつ を さいかい し、ひっし に とりくんだ。だが かんせい した ちくおんき は、ベル の とっきょ に ふれる に もの で しかなかった。

こうなる と - this to become said
がんぜん - abruptly
はりきる - to be eager
エジソン は - Edison + topic
ちくおんき - phonograph
かいはつ - development
を さいかい し - restarting
ひっし に - frantically
とりくんだ - tackled, wrestled with
だが - but
かんせいした - perfected
ちくおんき は - phonograph + subject
ベル の とっきょ に - Bell's patent towards
ふれる に - to violate towards
もの で - thing from
しかなかった - could not do.

this to become said . abruptly . to be eager . Edison (topic) . phonograph . development . restarting . frantically . tackled
But . perfected . phonograph (subject) . Bell's patent towards . to violate towards . thing from . could not do

"On saying this, Edison eagerly restarted tackling the development of the phonograph. But, with the perfected machine, he couldn't overcome Bell's patents".

The kanji 触 can be read as "fu" or "sawa" depending on the hiragana that follows it, giving the meanings of either "to touch" or to "to feel, or to violate a patent".  I may have used the wrong meaning earlier when Bell told Berliner to bypass Edison's patents.  In the sentence here, the reading "fureru" is pretty clear.  But, the meaning is obviously "couldn't get around (Bell's patents)", which isn't quite a literal translation.

I used:

"On saying this, Edison eagerly threw himself back into feverishly developing the phonograph. But he couldn't get around Bell's patents on the perfected machine."



あいつら も かんがえたことはいっしょというわけか。ベルにベルリナー。。。なかなかやるな。優秀だよ。確かに。。。

あいつら も - those guys also
かんがえた こと は - thought thing subject
いっしょ - together
と いう わけ か - it is said conclusion question
ベル に - Bell towards
ベルリナー - Berliner
なかなか やる な - very + did + hmm
優秀 だ よ - superior is + emphasis
確かに - certainly

Those guys also . thought thing (subject) . together . it is said conclusion?
Bell towards . Berliner . very did . hmm .
superior is

"Those guys also thought of this.  Bell's Berliner... is really good.  Superior even...  Certainly..."

"nakanaka yaru" can mean "to have done a really good job" as well as "to be very skilled".

I went with:

"They came up with this?  Berliner's really good...  Maybe even superior...  Definitely..."



でも ちくおんき は もともと わたし の はつめい なんだ!この さいわたしも ちくおんき を うりだすぞ!

でも - but
ちくおんき は - phonograph + topic
もともと - originally
わたし の - mine
はつめい - invention
なんだ - it is assuredly
この さい - this occasion
わたし も - I also
ちくおんき - phonograph
を うり だす ぞ - put on sale + emphasis

But . phonograph (topic) . originally . mine . invention . it is assuredly
this occasion . I also . phonograph . put on sale

"But the phonograph was my original invention!  I'll put my phonograph up for sale."

Repetition of specific words in English tends to be boring.  And "put on sale" can also be said as "market".  So I went with:

"But the original phonograph was my invention! I'll market mine, too!"


エジソンは『エジソンフォノグラフ社』を設立。(翌年モルガン財団の援助で『スピーキングフォノグラフ』と改名。) 自らの蓄音機を『スペクタクル』と名付け、売り出した。悩んでいた用途は、声を記録できることから『優秀な秘書』とした。負けじとベルも『アメリカングラフォフォン社』 を作った対抗したのである。

エジソン は 『エジソン フォノグラフ しゃ』 を せつりつ。 (よくねん モルガン ざいだん の えんじょ で 『スピーキング フォノグラフ』 と かいめい。)  みすから の ちくおんき を 『スペクタクル』 と なつけ、うりだした。 なやん でいた よう とは、こえ を きろく できる こと から 『ゆうしゅうな ひしょ』 と した。まけじ と ベル も『アメリカン グラフォフォン しゃ』 をつけった たいこう した の で ある。

エジソン は - Edison + topic
エジソンフォノグラフしゃ - Edison Phonograph Company
を せつりつ - incorporate
よく ねん - following year
モルガン ざいだん の - Morgan Foundation's
えんじょ で - support from
スピーキングフォノグラフ - Speaking Phonograph
と かいめい - it is said name change
みすから の - personally's
ちくおんき - phonograph
を スペクタクル となつけ - "spectacle" name used
うりだした - to market
なやんで いた - to be worried + in the state of
ようと は - usefulness + topic
こえ を きろく - voice record
できる こと - able to do + thing
から - because
ゆうしゅうな ひしょ - superior secretary
と した - and did
まけじ と - undauntedly said thing
ベル も - Bell also
アメリカン グラフォフォンしゃ - American Graphophone Company
を つけった - made
たいこう した - opposition
の で ある - because was

Edison (topic) . Edison Phonograph Company . incorporate.
following year . Morgan Foundation's . support from . Speaking Phonograph . it is said name change
Personally's phonograph . "spectacle" name used . to market
to be worried . in state of . usefulness (topic) . voice record . able to do thing . because . "superior secretary" . and did
Undauntedly said thing . Bell also . American Graphophone Company . made . opposition becase was

"Edison incorporated the "Edison Phonograph Company". (The following year, with support from the Morgan Foundation, the name was changed to "Speaking Phonograph", using the "Spectacle" brand).  Worried about it's usefulness, their phonograph was marketed as the "superior secretary" because of its ability to record voices.  Undaunted, Bell created the "American Graphophone Company" as direct competition."

Lots of stuff going on here.  But the translation's pretty straightforward.  Some of the names have been simplified from the original English (such as Bell's company name actually being "North American Graphophone Company".  But, the names are close enough for government work so I left them as-is (also because of space concerns in the word balloons).  I went with:

"Edison incorporated the "Edison Phonograph Company" (the following year, with Morgan's support the name changed to "Speaking Phonograph" under the private brand "Spectacle"). Needing a use, their phonograph was advertised as "the superior secretary" because of its ability to record voices.  Bell then created the "American Graphophone Company" as direct competition."

To Be Continued.

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