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The Sound Warriors - Part 9, Page 3

The rest of page 3.

ハハハ  キミこそわが研究所が誇る天才技術師じゃないか。 期待していろよ

ハハハ  キミ こそ わが けんきゅうじょ が ほこる てんさい ぎじゅつしじゃないか。 きたいしていろよ。

ハハハ  - hahaha
キミ こそ - you for sure
わが - our
けんきゅうじょ - research lab
ほこる - be proud of
てんさい - genius
ぎじゅつし - engineer
じゃないか - isn't it?
きたいしていろよ - Be in a state of anticipation

Hahaha . you for sure . our lab . (subject) . be proud of . genius . engineer . isn't it?
Be in a state of anticipation.

"Ha ha ha.  You definitely are the genius engineer pride of our lab.  I can't wait."

"kimi koso" is a fairly common phrase in manga. "kimi" is "you" and "koso" is "for sure", as emphasis of the preceding word.

"ja nai ka?" is a standard rhetorical question, as in "aren't you?"  "kitai suru" is "to do anticipation", followed by "iru" it's "the state of doing anticipation".

I'm treating this sentence balloon as: "Ha ha ha.  You sure are the engineering genius pride of our lab.  I can't wait."



この わき ドイツ うまれ の てんさい ぎかん、ベルリナー が ベル の けんきゅうじょ に やってきった のは まさに エジソン との でんわき かいはつ きょうそう の さいちゅう だった。そして じつ は きょうそう に しょうり して いちばん の たてやくしゃ で あった と いって も いい

この わき - this youth
ドイツ - German
うまれ の - birth place's
てんさい - genius
ぎかん - technical officer
ベルリナー が - Berliner + subject
ベル の けんきゅうじょ - Bell's research lab to
やってきった - came to
のは - nominalizer + topic
まさに - certainly, just like that
エジソン との - Edison's called of
でんわき - phone machine
かい はつ - development
きょうそう の - competition's
さいちゅう - in the middle of
だった - was
そして - then
じつ は - to be honest
きょうそう に - competition towards
しょうり して - victory did
いちばん の - first's
たてやくしゃ - leading actor
で あった - from existed
と いって も いい - you could say

this youth . german . birth place's . genius . technical officer . Berliner (subject) . Bell's research lab to . came to . (nominalizer topic) certainly . Edison's called of . phone machine . development . competition's . in the middle of . was
Then . to be honest . competition towards . victory  did . first's . leading actor . from existed . you could say

"This young German engineer came to Bell's research labs in the middle of their competition with Edison over the telephone.  You could honestly say that he was a key actor in their victory."

Ok, there's some grammar here that I'm not clear on (such as "to no" and "victory did first's leading actor".  But, I checked the wiki entry on Emile, and it says that he first worked in a livery stable after coming to the U.S. from Germany, and that he then invented a new type of telephone transmitter (an early microphone) that was acquired by Bell.  So, the easy assumption is to use "a key actor in Bell's victory over Edison regarding the telephone".

I'm going to go with "This young German engineering genius came to Bell's labs during their competition with Edison over the telephone.  You could say he was the key actor in Bell's victory."

To Be Continued.

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