Friday, July 10, 2009

Learning Japanese - Part 15, Page 2

After being questioned about the air conditioning, the driver says,

ふとってる もん でね。あつさ に よわい ざんす

futteru - fat
mon - short for "mono", thing
de - short for desu, used when connecting two sentences
ne - particle asking for agreement
atsusa - heat, warmth
ni - towards
yowai - weak
sansu - accented version of desu

fat . thing . is . right? . heat . towards . weak . is

I'm fat, right? I'm weak against the heat.

Or, I'm fat, so I can't stand the heat.

I decided to keep a little closer to the Japanese sense of "weak against", which is in keeping with the effeminate "zansu" accent the driver is using.

Then, the cop says,


dattara - if that's the case
sono - that

If that's the case . that

This is a bit redundant in English. But, the cop is commenting on the fact that the driver claims to need to stay cold, while leading into the sentence in the next panel, where he notices that the driver is really wearing a warm outfit. So, I decided to use "Speaking of which.", which has a different meaning, but the same overall feeling.

To be continued.

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