Sunday, July 12, 2009

Learning Japanese - Part 17, Page 2

The cop is now reacting to the driver's feigned ignorance to the demand to remove his fake skin.

とぼけるな。おおかたぼうかん ふく が わり だろう

tobokeru-na - Playing dumb
ookata - almost all
boukan fuku - arctic clothing
ga - topic marker
wari - percentage
darou - don't you agree?

playing dumb. almost all . arctic clothing . (topic marker) . percentage . isn't that right?

(your fake skin) Is almost all arctic clothing, right?

Rather than say "You're playing dumb", it's more natural to reverse it as "don't play dumb". And, rather than treat the skin as clothing, which isn't what it looks like, (it looks like skin) I decided to treat it as insulation. So, I chose to use:

Don't play dumb. You're mostly arctic-level insulation.

I'm going to treat the next sentence as it's own blog entry and skip to the last panel on the page.

Then, to emphasize the cop's words, the car says:

しゃない の おんど が じょうしょう しています ドア を しめてください

shanai - car interior
no - of
ondo - temperature
ga - topic marker
joushou - rising
shite imasu - is in the process of
doa - door
wo - verb marker
shimete kudasai - please close

car interior . temperature . (topic marker) . is rising.
door . close please.

Interior temperature rising. Please close door.

This sentence can be used as-is. The only catch is that Tori Miki used katakana to indicate that the car is speaking in a mechanical voice. So, I changed fonts for the same reason.

Also, you may recognize the "shite imasu" form of the verb "suru". "suru" (to do) becomes "shite", and by adding "imasu" we get "is in the process of doing". That is, "in the process of rising".

To be continued.

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