Sunday, July 19, 2009

Learning Japanese - Part 24a, Page 4

I messed up on the part numbering. Technically, this should be Part 25, but what the heck.

Continuation of the longer dialog on page 4.

しかしいくら 味以外のなにかを売りにせざるをえないとはいえ店主の描いた絵を

しかし いくら あじ いがい の なにか を うり に せざるをえない とは いえてんしゅの
かいた えをじまんげに しょくってあるような みせ にはわざわざ いりたくはな

shikashi - however
ikura - how many
aji - taste
igai - not including
no - possessive
nani-ka - something
wo - verb marker
uri - verb, to sell
ni - towards
sezaru wo enai - can not help but do
tohaie - nonetheless
tenshu - shopkeeper
no - possessive
kaita - past tense of "to paint"
e - painting
wo - marker of thing being acted on
jiman - pride
geni - to boast
kazatte - decorate
aru - to exist
you-na - use, direction
mise - shop
niwa - regarding
wazawaza - expressly
hairitaku wa nai - to not enter

however . how many . taste . not including's . something . to sell . can not help but do . nonetheless . shopkeeper's . paintings . of pride . boast . decorate . exists . towards shop . regarding . expressly not to enter

Ok, this looks like a mess. Fortunately, we do have the context - we're talking about shops that now have to compete against each other on everything else but taste. So, some shops start boasting of their paintings. Further, the "shikashi" part at the beginning indicates that the speaker's opinion is at odds with the gourmets, and that he is speaking about himself. So, the "wazawaza hairitaku wa nai" part tells us that he doesn't want to enter the described shops.

The first pass at a clean up gives us:

"However, shopkeepers have no choice but to compete using everything else but taste. This gave rise to shops that boast of their paintings. I don't want to enter those shops."

I'm limited by the space of the word balloons, so I'm going to keep the translation a little terse, and go with "However, the shopkeepers still competed on everything but taste. I don't like going to those shops that boast of their paintings."

To be continued.

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