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Learning Japanese - Part 31, Page 6

More of page 6 of Frozen Food Agent.


だが き に いらない ヤツ も よ の なか に は そんざい する らしい

daga - but
ki - spirit
ni - towards
iranai - not need
yatsu - person
mo - also
yo no naka - in this world
ni - towards
wa - topic marker
sonzai - exist
suru - to do
rashi - it seems

But . spirit . towards . not need . person . also . in this world . towards . (topic) . exists . to do . it seems

"But it seems that there are people in the world that don't feel this way."

I wrote way back when that there are two ways of interpreting "ki ni iranai" - "people that don't like something" and "I don't like those kinds of people". Both nuances are embedded in the sentence here, but it's almost impossible to show that in an English phrase that is both readable and short. So, I decided to focus on the first nuance instead, which is the more important one, anyway.

Note the "sonzai suru" phrase, which says "to do sonzai" or "to do exist". This turns into "exists".

I went with "However, this world includes people that feel otherwise."

Note: There's a joke hidden in this panel. The Agent is coming out of a subway at the "Gemba station". "Gemba" means "spot, location or scene". Given what happens on the next page, we can assume that this station's name is "Crime Scene Station".



しょくりょう とうせい いぜんに ぞうられ ちか の ちょぞうこ に ねむっていた。
たいりょう の れいとうしょくひん が ブラックマーケットで とりひき されてい

shokuryou - food
tousei - regulation
izen ni - since
sourare - to make
chika - underground
no - possessive
chozouko - storehouse
ni - towards
nemutte - to sleep
ita - the state of having existed
tairyou - large quantity
no - possessive
reitoushokuhin - frozen food
ga - subject marker
burakkumaaketto - black market
de - from
torihiki - business
sareteiru - Passive form of "suru" - to do

food . regulation . since . to make . underground's . storehouse . towards . to sleep. was.
large quantity's . frozen food . (subject) . black market . from . business . did

"From before the passing of the food regulations, there's been an underground warehouse sleeping. A large quantity of food business has happened on the black market."

"Sareteiru" kind of doesn't fit here, since the hero has been fairly casual in his speech up to this point. Then all of a sudden he uses the passive voice. According to, passive form is the more common form for normal conversation, but there aren't that many examples of it in this manga that I've been able to pick up on.

Also, "nemutte" (to sleep) is kind of vague. Is it the storehouse that's "sleeping", or the frozen food that's inside it? Actually, the two sentences work together. Something is sleeping (not being used) in the storehouse. And, in the second sentence, we're told that that something is frozen food that's now making its way into the black market.

I went with "Since before the passing of the Food Laws, there's been something sleeping in the underground warehouses. A large quantity of frozen foods that have appeared on the black market." because it's a little more picturesque.

To be continued.

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