Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Learning Japanese - Part 34, Page 7

Here's the rest of the dialog from page 7.


Uuuun - Hmmm.

This is just a straight sound effect made by someone concentrating and can be used as-is. (The joke here is that the artist is Tori Miki himself, and he's doing another sight gag 4-panel comic similar to his "Anywhere but Here" strip.)


にらんだ。 いつものことだ

げんば に つく と しょかつ の けいかん は まるで はすいぐち に たまった かみのけ を みる ような め で おれ を にらんだ。 いつものことだ

genba - scene of the crime
ni - at
tsuku - arrive at
to - and
shokatsu - jurisdiction
no - possessive
keikan - policeman
wa - topic marker
maru de - completely / as if
hasui guchi - drainage mouth
ni - towards
tamatta - past form of "to gather"
kami no ke - hair
wo - object marker
miru - to look
you na - such as
me - eye
de - of
ore - me
wo - object marker
niran da - past of "to look at"
itsumo no - usual
koto - thing
da - masculine form of "desu"

scene of the crime . at . arrives at . jurisdiction's . policeman . (topic) . as if . drainage mouth . towards . gather . hair . (object) . to look . such as . eye . of . me . (object) . to look at.
usual . thing . is

"The police working the scene of the crime make the look of their eyes at me as if I am the hair that gathers at the mouth of the drain. It is a usual thing."

Lots of object markers here, meaning that several actions are taking place. First that the "to look such as eye of" really means "to make their eye look like they are looking at". Then "police make this look looking at me" gives us "the police look at me with the look of 'hey, it's the hair at the bottom of the bathtub'".

"genba ni tsukuto shokatsu no" works as "of the arrived at crime scene's jurisdiction", followed by "keikan wa", or "policeman (topic)". In other words, the "policemen working the crime scene do some action". The action being that of looking at me as if I am the hair at the mouth of the drain.

I decided to use the more conventional form "When I get to the scene, the cops stare at me like I'm the slimy hair that gathers in a sink drain. Never fails."

To be continued.


  1. う〜ん。
    i ashamed that i dont know tori miki.
    i m going to read his books.


    your blog is so valuable.
    i can find hints
    though i have studied english.



  2. Thank you for the comment. I just recently discovered his works as well, but he's been drawing gag comics for years. He wrote the screen play for the third Patlabor movie, and one of his books - "Anywhere but Here", was released in the U.S. by Fantagraphics. His blog is at, and it says that he just won one of the prizes at a gag manga contest. His "Kuru Kuru Kurin" short story ran in Champion magazine a couple of weeks ago, and the first volume of Frozen Food Agent hit the shelves about 2 months ago. Most of his older stuff is out of print, or isn't carried by most bookstores. I found some of his books in Kinokuniya in Shinjuku, and in the bookstore in the basement of Parco 1 in Shibuya.