Sunday, August 30, 2009

Don Dracula, Chapter 1, Part 6 Page 5

Here's page 5.

Panel 1
My Earl!

こ ここはおまえのような者のくるところではない!帰れ!!
とっとと 帰れ!!
Th, this is no place for the likes of you!  Leave!!  Go, go home!

Panel 2
ねー あたしの血を吸ってえー
おねがいー あたしの首をかんでよオねーエ
Neh, Drink my blood!  Please, bite my neck. Ok?

This entire exchange comes off badly in English.  Literally, she's saying "Neh, suck my blood, and bite (or chew) my neck."  Unfortunately, "suck" has taken on the wrong kinds of meanings over the last 20 years, and I don't want to drag that baggage into this strip.  "Drink my blood" isn't that much better, being kind of stiff in English, but there aren't that many other phrases to choose from here.

いやだっ てのに!! おまえの血は好かん!!
No way! I don't want your blood!!

Panel 3
But, I have high blood pressure!  You can drink it whenever you like!

Stop!  I hate it!

Literally, "キライ" just means "dislike" or "hate", and doesn't actually indicate what the subject of that dislike is - the woman, her blood, or her current treatment of him.

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