Monday, August 31, 2009

Don Dracula, Chapter 1, Part 7 Page 6

Here's page 6.

Panel 1

ち ち 近よるな  ウワッ  このゲス女め
Don't get close!  Wah!  You ugly dog!

"このゲス女め" is literally "this garbage/filth woman emphasizer".  Although, "gesu" is actually given in the NJStar dictionary as "menial" or "of humble rank", it's got a rougher, nastier slang meaning as well, as shown above.  The translation could go either way.  Dracula is concerned about one's rank in society, and he's learned to prefer beautiful people.  So, he could be saying "Keep away, you peasant", or "Keep away, you ugly creature".

Panel 2
まーひどい!!  あたしをこんなふうにくるわせたのはあなたなンよ!!
Uwa, that's horrible!! You're the one that's driven me mad like this!

うるせい!! おまえなど悪魔にのろわれろ
Let me alone!!  The devils curse you!

"うるせい" is often treated as meaning "noisy" or "you're noisy".  But it has a wider range of uses than that, including "go away, you bother me".  In this case, the intended meaning is "leave me alone".


"エーイ" could be written as "ole" or "here we go".


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