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Learning Japanese - Part 37, Page 8

The last of page 8.


れいしょく シンジケート と ないつうしてるん じゃないかと いう ウワザ の あった おとこ だ

reishoku - frozen food
shinjikeeto - syndicate
to - and
naitsu - collude with
shiterun - to do
ja nai ka - isn't it?
to - is said
uwaza - rumor
no - possessive
atta - past form of "aru", exists
otoko - man
da - masculine form of "desu"

frozen food . syndicate . and . collude with . is said . rumor's . was . man . is

"This man was rumored to be colluding with the frozen food syndicate."

Actually, the normal usage of "naitsu" is to work as an informant.

I went with "There's a rumor that he's an informant for the frozen food syndicate."


もちろん。用心深い連中のことだ。警官を組織に深入りさせたりはしない。 大きな商売を見逃してもらうかわり末端ももいいところのチンケな密売の情報をたまにリークしてただけだろう被害者はそれを自分の手柄にしたり時には横取にしたり小遣いを稼いでたそこで俺か出場ってきたというわけさ

もちろん。ようじん ぶかいちゅう の こと だ。けいかん を そしき に ふかいり させたりはしない。 おおきな しょうばい を みのがして もらうかわり まったん も いいところ の チンケな みつばい の じょうほう を たま に リーク してた だけ だろう. ひがいしゃ は それ を じぶん のてがら に したり とき に は よこどり に したり こづかい を かせいでた そこ で おれ か でばって きた と いう わけ さ

mochiron - naturally
youjin bukai - watching
chuu - during
no - possessive
koto - thing
da - is
keikan - policeman
wo - object marker
soshiki - organization
ni - into
fukairi - deep into
sasetari - allow
wa - topic marker
shinai - not do
ookina - large quantity
shoubai - business / trade
wo - object marker
minogashite - overlooked
morau - to receive
kawari - to change
mattan mo - peripheral
ii tokoro - good thing / strong point
chike na - poor / worst
mitsubai - smuggling
no - possessive
jouhou - information
tamani - occasionally
riiku - leak
shiteta - did
dake - only
darou - possibly / right?
higaisha - victim
wa - topic marker
sore - that
wo - object marker
jibun - oneself
no - possessive
tegara - achievement
ni shitari - to do (as example)
toki ni wa - occasionally
yoko dori - confiscate
ni shitari - to do (as example)
kozukai - personal expenses
wo - object marker
kasei de ta - past tense of "to earn"
soko de - accordingly
ore ka - someone like me
debatte kita - to dispatch and came here
to iu wake - for this said reason
sa - confirmation marker, softening direct statement

watching . during's . thing . is
police . (object) . organization . in . deep into . allow . (topic) . can not do
large . trade . overlooked . to receive and change . peripheral
Good point . worst . smuggling's . information . occasionally . did . leak .only . right
victim . (topic) . that . himself's . personal gain . would do (as example) . occasionally . beside take . would do (as example) . personal expenses . earned
accordingly . someone like me . came here . for this said reason

"Naturally. We've been watching him. The organization wouldn't allow a policeman to learn too much. They'd occasionally leak word of minor smugglings to him and let him take credit for cracking the smuggling or to let him make a little money on the side. That's why someone like me has been dispatched here."

Ok, this looks like a mess. Mainly, that's because we have about 5 sentences all smushed into one panel. If we break each sentence out separately, and keep in mind that the subject is being implied in each case, things become a little easier to deal with.

"ni shitari" means - "to do, for example". That is "they'd let him do some things, like crack a small smuggling operation or take some food to sell on the side, as examples".

My original translation on Mediafire is wrong. I should have gone with something like "Naturally, we've had our eye on him for some time. The syndicate wouldn't let him know too much, usually just leaking word of smaller operations so he could take the credit for a raid, or for making a little money on the side. That's why I've been dispatched here."

To be continued.

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