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Learning Japanese - Part 39, Page 9

More of page 9.

心配するな。 困った時は相身互いさ。 警察方面 はできるだけほじくらないよ。死体を見せてくれ。

しんぱい する な。 こまったとき は あいみたがいさ。 けいさつ ほうめん は できる だけ ほじくらないよ。したい を みせてヴれ。

shinpai suru na - worry do not, eh
komatta - problem
toki - time
aimitagai - mutual assistance
sa - sentence softener
keisatsu - police
houmen - towards
wa - topic marker
dekiru dake - as much as one can do
hojikuranai - not dig up
yo - sentence emphasizer
shitai - dead body
wo - object marker
misete kure - please let see

worry do not . eh
problem . time . mutual assistance . is
police . towards . (topic) . as much as one can . not dig up . ok?
dead body . please let see

"Eh, don't worry. In times of trouble, we help each other out. I'll do what I can to not dig up anything regarding us police, ok? Please show me the body."

Normally, if you just make a straight statement, like "it's cold", it sounds too abrupt, to the point of being rude. So, people will add softeners at the end of the sentence that act either as "I think so", "don't you agree", and "right?" "na", "sa" and "yo" are such softeners, and can be treated in English as "eh" and "ok?" in the above sentences.

"kure" is often used as a substitute for "kudasai", but still retains the meaning of "please", as in "please let me see the body".

I went with "Don't worry. We need to stick together during a crisis. I'll do what I
can to not dig into anything police related. Show me the body."



きょうき は?

kyouki - weapon
wa - is

"The weapon?"



みつかってない が ナイフ じょう の もの でしょう

mistukatte nai - not found
ga - in this case, used to mean "but"
naifu - knife
jou - shape
no - possessive
mono - thing
deshou - I think

not found . but . knife . shape's . thing . I think

"Haven't found it, but it looks like a knife."



じょう の もの?

jou - shape
no - possessive
mono - thing

"Looks like (a knife)?"


切れが甘いんですよ。 包丁や軍隊ナイフじゃあない。

きれ が あまいんです よ。 ほうちょう や ぐんたい ナイフ じゃあ ない。

kire - cut
ga - subject marker
amai - obvious
n desu yo - is
houchou - kitchen knife
ya - and
guntai naifu - Army knife
jaa nai - is not

cut . (subject) . obvious . is
kitchen knife . and . army knife . is not

"Obviously this is a cut, but not from a kitchen or Army knife."


遺留品 は?

いりゅうひん は?

iryuu hin - lost articles / trace evidence
wa - topic marker

"Trace evidence?"


細かい紙の切れ端がひとつ。 鑑識ロボ!

こまかいかみ の きれはしが ひとつ。 かんしきロボ!

koma kai - small
kami - paper
no - possessive
kire hashi - scrap
ga - subject marker
hitotsu - one
kanshiki - judgment
robo - robot

small . paper's . scrap . (subject) . one
judgment . robot!

"We found a small scrap of paper. Analysis robot!"



かいせき は かんりょう した か?

keiseki - analysis
wa - topic marker
kanryou shita - finished
ka - question marker

"Is the analysis done yet?"



soga - hum
monita - monitor
ni - towards
deshimasu - come out

"[humm] Coming up on the monitor."

To be continued.

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