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Learning Japanese - Part 41, Page 10

Continuing with page 10.


コレ デス がいとう シウル ぶけん ノ ウチイチバン かくりつ ガ たかイ ノ ハ。。。

kore - this
desu - is
gaitou shiuru - corresponding to
buken - thing
no - possessive
uchi - within
ichiban - number one
gakuritsu - probability
ga - subject marker
takai - high
no - possessive
wa - topic marker

this . is
corresponding to . thing's . within . number 1 . probability . (subject) . high's . (topic)...

"Here it is. The highest probability is that this is..."



クレヨン の まきがみ?

kureyon - crayon
no - possessive
makigami - paper roll

crayon's . paper roll

"A crayon wrapper?"


しかし解せないな 『しゅー』

しかし げせない な 『しゅー』

shikashi - but
gesanai - not understand
na - emphasizer
shuu - sound effect of air escaping

but . not understand

"But, I still don't understand it. [shu]"


犯人が売人だか。 冷食中毒者 (レイチュー)だか。 知らないが。死体はわりにあわねえ。リスクがでかすぎる。

はんにん が ばいにん だか。 レイチュー だか。 しらないが。したい は わりにあわねえ。リスクがでかすぎる。

hannin - criminal
ga - subject marker
bainin - smuggler
da - desu
ka - question marker
reichuu - frozen food eater
da - desu
ka - question marker
shiranai - not know
ga - but
shitai - corpse
wa - subject marker
wari ni awa nee - disproportionate
risuku - risk
ga - subject marker
deka sugiru - too great / too large

criminal . (subject) . smuggler . is . ? food eater . is . ?
not know . but
corpse . (subject) . disproportionate
risk . (topic) . too great

"Is the killer a smuggler? A rancid food user? I don't know, but.. There's just too much risk."

Here we get into the realm of furigana modifications. The kanji is "rei shokuchuudoku sha", or "frozen food poisoning person". But, the furigana alongside the kanji is "rei chuu", an obvious abbreviation indicating that the hero means to use "rei chuu" as a form of slang while using the kanji to tell us what that slang means. I decided to use "rancid food user" to try to get the same effect.

"wari ni awa nai" is a set phrase that modifies the following word, "risk". Here, "nai" has again been slurred into "nee". This is followed by "deka sugiru". "deka" is "dekai" or "big" and "sugiru" is "excessively / too much". The overall meaning is "the disproportionate risk is too great".

I went with "Is the killer a smuggler? A rancid food user? I don't know. And the corpse makes no sense. The risk is huge."

To be continued.

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