Thursday, August 6, 2009

Learning Japanese - Part 42, Page 10

The last of page 10.



shikamo - moreover
aite - other party
wa - subject marker
keikan - policeman
da - desu

moreover . other party . (subject) . policeman . is

"And the victim is a cop."


制服を見りゃ普通あせって。 別の機会を持つぜ よっぽどせっぱつまってたのか。。。

せいふく を みりゃ ふつ あせって。 べつ の きかい を もつぜ よっぽ どせっぱつまっ

seifuku - uniform
wo - object marker
mirya - slang version of "miru" "to see"
futsu - plain / normal
asette - from aseru, meaning "in too much of a hurry"
betsu - another
no - possessive
kikai - opportunity
wo - object marker
motsu - hold
ze - emphasizer
yoppo do - greatly
zeppa tsumatte ta - to be at wit's end
no - normalizer
ka - question marker

uniform . to see . plain . in too much hurry
another's . opportunity . hold . eh. greatly . at wit's end . ?

"In too much of a hurry to see his uniform. Maybe there's another possibility. If the person were at their wit's end...?"

To fit the word balloon, I went with, "His uniform was right out there to see. Could it have been someone that felt cornered?..."



pan - pop

This is actually a visual gag. The hero's thinking that the word balloon is taking up too much of the panel, so he pops it with a pin.

To be continued.

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