Friday, August 7, 2009

Learning Japanese - Part 43, Page 11

Here's the dialog for page 11.



一杯だけいいかな? ムッシュ
いっぱいだけいいかな? ムッシュ

かまいませんよ。  合成チーズがなにかつけあわせでも?
かまいませんよ。  ごうせいチーズがなにかつけあわせでも?

いや。 自分で選びたい。 冷蔵庫は見せてくれないか?イヤだといっても令状があ

いや。じぶん でえらびたい。 れいぞこう はみせてくれないか?イヤだといって


Again, this is a short page, so I'll do some of the dialog here.

kore wo - this is

This is an excellent example of why it's so hard to translate Japanese into English.  The concept of "this is" is so embedded in the language, yet the direct English translation of "this is" makes no sense in this panel.  Instead, we have to violate the "rule of direct translation" and commit an interpretation.  We have to assume from the rest of the page that the person talking is Mushu, and that he's talking about the box that's under his arm.  Later, we need to put two and two together to link the wife's appearance on the final page with the fact that Mushu is carrying the box while leaving a costume shop.  Based on this, we can assume that Mushu is reacting to the appearance of a costume that he's either renting or custom ordering.  Given all this, we can go with:

"This is it..."


Arigatou gozaimasu - Thank you.

Here, we need to assume that the speaker is the shop clerk, thanking Mushu for his purchase.  Then, we could go so far as saying "Thank you.  Come again."


一杯だけいいかな? ムッシュ

いっぱいだけいいかな? ムッシュ

Ippai - One thing
dake - only
ii - good
ka na - rhetorical question
Musshu - Mushu

one thing . only . good . ? . Mushu

"Is one enough, Mushu?"

To be continued.

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