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Learning Japanese - Part 44, Page 11

This is the last of page 11

かまいませんよ。 合成チーズがなにかつけあわせでも?

かまいませんよ。 ごうせいチーズがなにかつけあわせでも?

kama imasen yo - Negative of "to tease" + emphasis
gousei - synthetic
chiizu - cheese
ga - subject marker / or
nani ka - something
tsukeawase - relish
demo - or something

Don't tease
synthetic . cheese . or . relish . or something

"Don't tease. Can I get you some fake cheese or something?"

Probably, I should have treated "kama imasen" more along the lines of "Don't surprise me like that."

The "tsukeawase" is normally given as "relish with meat", but in this story is more likely to just be some kind of plain snack. The "demo" works as "or something along these lines".

I decided to go with "Don't tease. Would you like fake cheese or something?"


いや。 自分で選びたい。 冷蔵庫は見せてくれないか?イヤだといっても令状がある

いや。じぶん で えらびたい。 れいぞこう はみせてくれないか?イヤだといってもれいじょうがある

iya - no
jibun de - by myself
erabitai - want to select
reizoko - fridge
wa - topic marker
misete kure nai ka - can I please see?
iya - no
da to itte mo - also can say
reijou - warrant
ga - subject marker
aru - exists

by myself . want to select
fridge . (topic) . can I please see? . "no" . can also say . warrant . (subject) . exists

"No, I want to get something myself. Can I see your fridge? You can say "no", but I have a warrant."

"erabitai" uses one of those kanji that requires you in advance to know how it's read. If you look at the dictionary, it will just give "sen" as the reading plus "bitai". Actually, the reading is from "erabu", "to select", hence "erabitai" - "want to select".

I went with "Naw, I'll get something on my own. Can I see your fridge? You can say "no", but I have a warrant either way."

To be continued.

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