Thursday, August 13, 2009

Learning Japanese - Part 49, Page 13 and 14

Time to wrap up page 13 and move forever forward in our quest to understand conversational Japanese through Tori Miki's Frozen Food Agent manga.

それがマニユアルにある型どおりの応対だなんてその時は知らなかった。 彼女は好意でそう言ってくれてるのだと思いこんで。

それ が マニユアル に ある がた どおり の おうたい だなんてそのときはしらなかった。 かのじょはこういでそういってくれてるのだとおもいこんで。

sore - that
ga - subject marker
manyuaru - manual
ni - towards
aru - exists
gata - type
douri - in accordance with
no - possessive
outai - receiving
da - was
nan te - such as
sono - that
toki - time
wa - topic marker
shiranakatta - negative past tense of "to know"
kanojo - she
wa - topic marker
koui - courtesy
de - from
sou itte kureteru - that said for that reason
no da - is the reason
to - and
omoi konde - under the impression that

that . (subject) . manual . towards . exists . type . in accordance with's . receiving . was . such as . that . time . (topic) . did not know
she . (topic) . courtesy . from . that said for that reason . is the reason . under the impression that

"I did not know at that time that she was using a standard greeting from the manual.  I thought she was just being polite."

To shorten this section to fit the balloons, and to be more conversational, I went with "I didn't realize that this was a standard greeting from a manual, and that she was just being polite."



わたし は その みせ に かよい つづけました

watashi - I
wa - topic marker
sono mise ni - that shop
kayoi - coming and going
tsuzukemashita - past tense of "continued"

I . (topic) . that shop . coming and going . continued

"I continued to go to that shop."

I went with "I went to that shop all the time."


I'll add the dialog for page 14 here.


オマケしとくね。 お店には内緒だから。
オマケしとくね。 お店にはないしょだから。

こうして私たちはつきあい始めたんです  金がなかったんでデートはいつもどち


お帰りなさいお客様 。 私とご一緒にポテトはいかがですか?

To be continued.

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