Monday, September 7, 2009

Don Dracula, Chapter 1, Part 14 Page 13

Here's page 13.

panel 1
ムムム。。。 な なんという不運! だが夜明けにはまだ遠い
Uhhhh...  What rotten luck!  And daybreak is still a long ways off.

Are you ok?

Panel 2
Chocola, we'll wait until her bad breath wears off, all right?

Panel 3
Her appearance is quite fetching, and I want to taste her blood.  Further,
I want you to hone your skills to understand its nuances.

Panel 4
Ah... she's awake and walking away.

Panel 5
目逃すなおおかた まだ夢うつつでふらふらとさまよい 出したのだろう
She won't escape.  She's still wobbly and half in a trance.

Panel 6
まさか またギョーザを食いに行くのではあるまいな
No way, she's not going out for more gyoza, is she?

"masaka" is another one of those words that is used as an interjective with more than one meaning depending on context.  It could be "impossible", "I don't believe it", or "unbelievable".  I went with "no way" to underscore Dracula's disbelief.

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