Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Don Dracula, Chapter 1, Part 15 Page 14

Here's page 14.

Panel 1

Panel 2
Damn, I just hit some woman.

早く 逃げろ面倒がおこるぞ
Quick, drive, we don't need the trouble.

Panel 3
But, she may be dead...

バカ!! よけいまずいじゃないか! おれの人気にキズがついたらどうするんだっ
Stupid! That's even worse, isn't it? You want this to affect my reputation?
Get us out of here.

I initially wanted to include, "because you'll know what will happen", or something similar.  But the word balloon is too small.  So I just left it this way.

"バカ" is a really hard word to use right.  In English, it means literally "stupid", "idiot", "dummy".  And it's used a lot in many kind of situations.  The problem is how to avoid repetition and to not sound childish or overly insulting.  Further, in English we'd want to give the subject, such as "You idiot", which doesn't happen often in Japanese.  I decided to use "stupid!" here, but it doesn't really read well.  I'll have to be more careful about my choice of words next time.

Panel 4
ワーッ。 ひき逃げだーっ!
Uwa--! A hit and run!

Panel 5
Look at that blood!

Quick, call an ambulance!

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