Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Don Dracula, Chapter 1, Part 16 Page 15

Here's page 15.

Panel 1
So, you were walking behind the victim.

ひき逃げした車はどんなでした? ナンバーを見ませんでしたか
What kind of hit-and-run car was it?  Did you get the plate numbers?

おい 出血がひどいぞ 救急車がまだこないのか!!
Hey, she's lost a lot of blood - where's the ambulance!!

ア。。。。  ウ。。。。
Ah...  Uh...

Panel 2
Hey, anyone -

We need blood now!  She's type O!

Panel 3
しつれいですが。 あなたは何型ですか?
Excuse me.  What's your blood type?

If you're not familiar with Tezuka's manga, you may not get the in-joke.  The doctor here is a caricature of Tezuka himself.

O型? そりゃうれしいこの人のために輸血を!
O?  That's great, you can give her a transfusion!

Panel 4
Please wait!

Panel 5

Panel 7
さあ。。。 たのみます!
C'mon... please!

キャ。。。ッ 十字架!!
Kya... a cross!!

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