Thursday, September 10, 2009

Don Dracula, Chapter 1, Part 17 Page 16

Here's page 16.

Panel 1
Get in the ambulance!

Panel 2
わ。。。 わ。。。 私の血をとったことはあるが
If, if, if you take my blood...

Panel 3
Don't take my blood!

Be quiet.

Panel 5
おい。。。 ほんとにひち逃げして大丈夫かい
Hey, are you really sure about this, this hit and run?

"ほんとに" = really
"ひち逃げして" = "hit-and-run" called
"大丈夫かい" = ok?

Technically, this line should be close to "Hey, is it really ok, this hit and run thing?"  But, in the above usage, "daijoubu" has the meaning of "are you ok with this" or "are you sure about this?"  And, in English, we don't normally say something like "this thing called "a hit-and-run"".  To make the line flow better, I chose the above version.

おれは いま映雄のアイドルのナンバー1なんだぞ何千人かのファンがおれを見つ
I'm the top film idol right now, with thousands of adoring fans. How would the newspapers treat this kind of a scandal about me?

Panel 6
ことに あすは武道館の公演だ 六千人のファンがつめかけるんだ。 ひとりやふた
Speaking of which, I have an appearance in front of 6,000 fans at the Budokan tomorrow morning. Don't worry about running over one or two of them.

"In front of a full crowd of 6,000 fans", but I'm running out of space in the word balloon.  I could either emphasize "full-crowd", or "6,000 fans".  Since our actor here thinks one or two fans are disposable, I decided to run with "6,000 fans" to tie the two thoughts together better.  And, of course, the Budokan is the big sports auditorium in Tokyo that has hosted many rock concerts.

Panel 7
ガターン ゴっーン
Bash, crash

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