Friday, September 11, 2009

Don Dracula, Chapter 1, Part 18 Page 17

Here's page 17.

Panel 1
なんだ  コウモリがぶつかったんだ
What the, it's a bat banging about.

Panel 2
うわっ  シッ。。。 シッ
Uwa, shoo, shoo

Panel 4
Who are you!?

Panel 5
あたし。。。 あなたのファンなの!?
Me...  I'm your fan, right!?

な。。。 なんだ。。。  いつはいってきた!?
Wh, what... When did you get in here?

Panel 6
I've been following you ever since you hit that woman in the street.

あ。。。 あそこにいあわせたのか!!
Yo, you were there?

じゃ  ぼくを訴え出るのかい? そんなことしないね?ぼくのファンだろ?
You want to file charges against me?  Not really, right?  Aren't you my

The original Japanese text uses "訴え出る", "to file a complaint or charges against".  In this case, westerners are more likely to expect blackmail here.  I decided to stick with the original meaning.

Panel 7
ええ!! もちろんそんなかわいそーなことしないわ  あたし。。。あなたとお話
Yes!! Of course I don't want to do such a mean thing.  I, just wanted to talk with you.

Isn't she just the cutest little thing you ever set eyes on?  ;-)
Technically, she's saying "I wouldn't want to do such a pitiable thing", but that sounds weak in English.  If I had more space in the word balloon, I would have said "mean-spirited thing".

Panel 8
そうか。。。 じゃあだまっててくれるんだね?
I see...  You'll keep silent?

Panel 9
ありがとう いやありがとうお礼になにかしてあげよう
Thanks.  No, how can I thank you?

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