Saturday, September 12, 2009

Don Dracula, Chapter 1, Part 19 Page 18

Here's page 18.

Panel 1
色紙にサインしてあげようか!?  それともぼくのテレビに一緒に出て歌う?
You want my autograph? To appear on TV and sing with me?

Panel 2
ウワ---  感激でも。。。ちがうの
Uwa!  I'm impressed, but that's not it.

Panel 3
You want box seats for tomorrow at Bodoukan?  One of my signed records?

Panel 4
Not that either...

Panel 5
じゃ   いえよ   なんでもかなえてやるぜ!
Well, tell me.  I'll grant you anything!

Panel 6
I want your blood...

What did you say!

Panel 7
ねエ-----  吸わせてっーー
Neh---  Let me drink---

Panel 8
Save me!

Panel 9
きゅ吸血鬼だーっ!! マネージャーッ
It's a vampire!  Manager!

Personally, I like the kanji used here - "suck, blood, demon".  Unfortunately, "vampire" is one of the accepted translations for "kyuuketsuki", so I'll just have to settle for using "vampire".  But, isn't she just "to die for"?

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