Monday, September 14, 2009

Don Dracula, Chapter 1, Part 21 Page 20

Here's page 20.

Panel 1
立てる? 今日はもう早く寝た方がいいわよ
Can you stand?  You should get to bed quickly.

。。。チョコラ  おまえわどこにいたのだ
... Chocola, where have you been?

Panel 2
あたしね あの女の人はねた人間から血を吸ってやったの
I went to drink the blood of the person that hit that woman.

Panel 3
ウーム はらへったア。。。。
Hmm.  I'm starving...

Panel 4
ごめんね おとうさんあたしだけおなかいっぱいで。。。
I'm sorry, father.  I ate without you...

She's really saying "I'm the only one with a full stomach".  But, there are so many variants on this statement, and most of them sound wrong coming from her.

Don't worry about it...

Panel 5
We have instant udon in the kitchen.

No matter what's happened, I'm still an Earl!  I won't eat udon!

Udon = a noodle soup ala ramen, but with fatter noodles.

Panel 6
おとうさん あたし美人?
Father, am I pretty?

Ah, you're beautiful.

Panel 7
あたしの血を吸って  首かんでいいわよ
You can drink my blood.  It's ok to bite my neck.

Panel 8
バカ。。。  いくらなんでもドラキュエアがドラキュエアの血を吸うなんて聞い
Silly...  Under what circumstances have you heard of a Dracula drinking
the blood of a Dracula?

As I mentioned earlier, "baka" is difficult to work with since it isn't always all that insulting in Japanese.  And I find it highly unlikely that Dracula would call his daughter "stupid" or an "idiot" here.  "Silly" is a lot more appropriate and I think it still conveys the original meaning.

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