Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Don Dracula, Chapter 1, Part 9 Page 8

Here's page 8.

Panel 1
Igor, to Shinjuku.

Panel 2
Do you want me to take the expressway, Master?

No, the side roads will be less congested.

"下の道" means "lower road".  Many of the express roads in Tokyo are elevated, so the slower roads are the ones that run underneath the ramps.  Most westerners aren't going to understand "lower roads", and there's no real frontage road system in the city.  The closest alternatives then are "frontage road" and "side road".  "Side road" isn't really correct, either, but it's close enough.

Panel 3
人間はバカなものよいまに石油不安が深刻になり。 馬車がいちばん便利だとわか
Foolish humans are stressed over the big oil crisis.  A horse-drawn carriage is much more convenient.  uwa hee hee hee hee.

Panel 4
ね おとうさん おとうさんはなぜ日本なんかに来たの トランシルウアニアから。。。

Neh, father.  Why did you leave Transylvania to come to Japan??

I didn't want to come here!!

I could have gone with "I didn't want to", but that seems too abrupt a reply to the way Chocola's question is worded.  Preferably, the exchange should be "why did you want to come to someplace like Japan?"  "I didn't *want* to!!"  We're left to guess what he means, but it's likely that he was chased out of Transylvania, which would explain the stake still stuck in his chest.

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