Thursday, September 17, 2009

Kurin, Intro

After having finished Tori Miki's "Frozen Food Agent" and then moved on to Tezuka Osamu's "Don Dracula", I'm now back to Tori Miki again. This time, it's for a stand-alone story that ran in Shonen Champion magazine in July for their 40th Anniversary special. Just as Shonen Sunday and Shonen Magajin, first published in 1959, are celebrating their 50th anniversaries, Champion, which started in 1969, has gotten into the act

I'd asked Tori Miki if it was ok for me to scanilate this story, and he gave me permission, but only if it stays only on my site. So, please don't host this on any other sites. Note that I'm not including images of the pages here within the blog this time. You can find the pages in the below index.

Again, I'm not going to do a word-for-word translation here. Instead, I'll add notes in places where I think there's something interesting to explain further, or if I understand it well enough to be able to talk about it clearly.

The story for "Kurukuru Kurin" is given in the recap on page 1 of the manga, so I don't need to give it here. Here are the scanned pages if you want to look at them before I start the per-page translations.


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