Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Kurin, Page 12

Here's page 12.

Panel 1
やれやれ やっと乗れた
Whew. We're finally on board.

"yare yare" is an expression of exhaustion and is usually used after getting through a tiresome experience. I'm using "whew" here to connote the same feelings.

へー なんか色々入ってる
Wow, there's lots of stuff in here.

Panel 6
School Principal!!

Mr. Yoshida!!

いやー 同じ飛行機に乗り合わせるとは奇遇だな
Iya, who'd expect that we'd all meet on the same airplane?

Or, "meeting on the same airplane is unexpected."

Panel 7
At any rate, we're still not flying.

There's a delay in the planes waiting to take off.

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