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Kurin, Page 1b

This is a very text-heavy page, so I broke it up into 2 entries. Here's the second half of page 1.

Appearances also by the previous work, "Runerune Company" (?)

Runrun is another onomatopoeia, meaning "happy" or "carefree", and is pronounced as "rune rune".. I'm keeping it in the original Japanese, but using the English pronunciation spelling (i.e. - "Runerune Company").

Serialized in Shonen Champion Comics. 6 volumes total.

Tori Miki World's supporting players!

アキタ。ボーケン号 = 天才科学者に変身したくりんが作ったお手伝いロボット。

Bouken-Go Akita = A helper robot created when Kurin had turned into a scientific genius.

In the original Japanese, the name would be "Akita Bouken-go", where "bouken" means "adventure" or "risk", and "-go" is a suffix for numbers. Essentially, this would be "Number Akita Bouken". But, it's also a play on the original character's name of "Akita Bouken-Ou". So, I'm keeping it as "Bouken-Go.

秋田冒険王 =「るんるんカンパニー」では学校の教師。ちなみにそっくりの弟は、
Bouken-Ou Akita = "Runerune Company's" classroom teacher. Incidentally, he has an identical-looking younger brother, the doctor Manga-Oh Akita.

And, to explain the joke - Akita is the name of one of the major manga magazine publishers, and "Manga-Oh" (Manga King) and "Bouken-Oh" (Adventure King) were two of Akita's earlier magazine titles.

ジェームス吉田 = くりんたちが通う学園の校長
Yoshida James = Principal at Kurin's school.

Interestingly, while James is a western name, it's listed here first in Japanese order, so I treated it as such, rather than assuming it's in western order already, as in James Yoshida, which certainly is more natural in English.


執事の吉田さん = 「るんるんカンパニー」では秋田先生とのコンビでシュールな
Butler Yoshida = In "Runerune Company", combines with Akita Sensei for surreal jokes.

"conbi" is short for "combination" or "duo". "shuuru" is "surrealism", so "surreal gags". The implication here is that Akita Sensei and Butler Yoshida team up to tell surreal jokes.

とり。みき先生 = 両作品とも作者本人がたびたび登場。
Sensei Tori Miki = The creator of both works who makes occasional appearances in them.

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