Sunday, September 20, 2009

Kurin, Page 2

Here's page 2

クルクルくりんParallel Girl Returns
Kurukuru Kurin, Parallel Girl Returns

Tori Miki

featuring るんるんカンパニー
featuring Runerune Company

2大POP-ギャグが描き下ろし新作 奇跡の合体!?
The miraculous combination of 2 big gag stories!?

"2大POP-ギャグ" is kind of hard to put into English smoothly. "Pop" in this case means "popular" as opposed to "faddish" or "popular at the moment" (i.e. - J-pop). So, this line should be "2 big popular gag new works combination miraculous" - or, "the new work is a miraculous combination of 2 big popular gags". I just went with the simpler wording.

Masterpiece Non-Serialized Series

This looks weird in English. Really, it means that Champion is running a series of unrelated stand-alone stories that themselves aren't being serialized.

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