Monday, September 21, 2009

Kurin, Page 3

Here's page 3.

Panel 1

いざ、空の旅へ! ラーイド。オン。タイム
Now, an air flight! Ride on Time.

I'm pretty sure the katakana says "raido", for "ride", rather than "raito" for "right". I'd expect a phrase like "right on time", but I'm going with "ride on time" in the expectation that this is a pun.

Panel 2
もー めちゃ楽しみ。イオ君は始めてじゃないんだよね飛行機?
This is really fun! Io, isn't this your first time on a plane?

Kurin refers to him as "Io-kun" as a form of familiarity, still as just a friend. I'm dropping the "-kun" here because it's kind of distracting.

あー まあね。。。
Ah --, I guess...

Panel 3
お気楽でいいよなー。 お守り役の身にもなってほしいよ
She's really light-hearted. I wish I wasn't here as just her babysitter.

"kiraku" is "at ease" or "comfortable" Neither phrase works well for Io, so I went with "light-hearted". Maybe I should have gone with "carefree". Io then thinks that he wants to be here not in the role of babysitter. So, I chose "not just as her babysitter" to show that he wants to be here, but as a friend, not a caretaker.

Panel 4
えらいことになった! くりんが私の知らない間に。。。
This is terrible! While I wasn't paying attention...

Kurin's papa, Sensei Higashimori.

Kurin won a free trip to Okinawa from a Shonen Champion prize drawing.

チャンピオンはそんな豪華な賞品はできません。 でもラッキーじゃん?
Champion doesn't offer such a great prize. But, that's good, right?

"doesn't offer such a great prize" doesn't come across quite right, but it's in keeping with the original text. It may have been better to say "Champion doesn't offer such high-ticket prizes".

In this case, "lucky" is used to mean "that is lucky", or "that's a good thing".

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