Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Kurin, Page 4

Here's the text for page 4.

Panel 2
ラッキーなものか!旅行中 なにかの ショックでくりんの人格が変わってしまっ

You think that's good? What'll happen if she gets a shock and changes personalities on the trip?

ちょっと待って それ 今の読者に説明しとかないと
Hold on, we need to explain this to the readers.

Panel 3
でわ説明しよう研究中の事故により東森博士の一人娘くりんの体の中には。 実在

Then let me explain. During an explosion in the middle of some research, the personality patterns of hundreds of women, young and old, were transmitted into the body of Dr. Higashimori's sole daughter, Kurin.

Panel 4
トされている別の人格に ひょいと変わってしまう 超多重人格少女になってしまっ

Since then, if Kurin receives either a physical or mental shock ... She will take on one of those input personalities. In effect, she is the ultimate multiple personality disorder girl!

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