Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Kurin, Page 5

Here's page 5.

Panel 1
性格だけではなくその女性が持っていた職業的知識や能力も受けつぐので。 コスプランガとしても人気が高かったのであったのであった。
And it's not just the personality. She also takes on that person's professional skills and knowledge. And it is a fact that it was a popular cosplay manga.

In the original text, Tori Miki uses "node atta node atta", which is kind of pedantic. Used by politicians, it has the feel of "it is said that it is...", or "it is a fact that it is..."

Panel 2
くりんの人格を元に戻すショックはなぜかイオ君のキッスのみ。 以上で基本設定の説明おわり
For some reason, Io's kiss shocks her back to her original personality. There, end of background exposition.

Yes, I know that the original Japanese says "that's all, end of foundation explanation." "Background exposition" means the same thing, and it fits Tori Miki's character better.

Panel 3
Unfortunately, on the same cursed day, I am attending a scientific conference and can't go with her. Here's a ticket, you go with her. And keep an eye on her.

Panel 4
えっー 俺一人で?
Eh--- Me by myself?

Panel 5
Bouken-go will go with you.

That was an obvious joke.

"miemie" means "obvious" or "transparent". I could just as easily have gone with "I could see that joke coming." "saki no gagu" is "previous gag", but actually refers to the joke that has just been told.

Panel 6

Panel 7

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