Friday, September 25, 2009

Kurin, Page 7

Here's page 7
Panel 1
雪だー。 夏なのにー!?
It's snow--! In the Summer!?

Panel 2

Actually, I like a lot of the Japanese sound effects better than I do the English equivalents. This is one such case, where "wah" is the sound people make when they are surprised.

Panel 3
Attention passengers. Due to the sudden change in the weather, the runways have been closed for servicing.

「整備」 is "servicing" or "maintenance". In English in this situation, we'd say "closed for snow removal" or "closed for deicing". But, I'm trying to keep close to the original meaning (not that that's been all that obvious up until now...)

Panel 4
[flip flip flip]

If you look at the departures board in this panel, you'll see the various airlines, including ANAL, JAN and AKITA. The two main real airlines are JAL (Japan Airlines) and ANA (All-Nippon Air). I'm thinking that ANAL is an unfortunate, unplanned choice of letters as a joke name, but I may be wrong. Again, Akita is the publisher of Shonen Champion magazine. "Aki-ta" as an airlines name shows up later when the pilot is talking to the control tower.

Panel 5
[clatter clatter clatter]

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