Saturday, September 26, 2009

Kurin, Page 8

Here's page 8
Panel 1

Panel 2
We'd never had an airplane story in either of the two works.

Essentially, Bouken-Oh is saying that Tori Miki hadn't set any of the stories within an airplane.

Don't be so silly.

Technically, this is "don't talk so meaninglessly" or "don't say nonsense". There's no real English equivalent (I could use "quit wasting time", I guess).

Panel 3
Please check in everything other than carry-on bags.


Panel 4
Then how about this.

"dewa kore wo" is "then this". It's typically too vague to use as-is in English, so I had to choose between the above and "Then I'll bring this".

What are you? A refugee from a monster movie?

Literally, it's "you a monster movie escape person?", giving us "are you an escapee from a monster movie?" The above translation works just as well and reads a little better.

Panel 5
旅行行くときってアレもコレも つい持っていきたくなるよねっ
You always end up bringing everything on a vacation trip.

"are mo kore mo" is "and that and this", or "these and those". I went with the more standard line because it means the same thing, but sounds a little more natural.

That was too much.

Panel 6


Panel 8
Big brother.

Little brother.

Ahem, I am...


My Japanese expert tells me that she's not sure what the joke is here, either, or what a literal machine translation would be. However, if you look at 3 of the 4 characters, they're crying at the happy reunion of two brothers that haven't seen each other for a while. I'm thinking that "dasu", meaning "come out" refers to the outpouring of tears, and that "mou dasu na", or "don't come out anymore", means "quit crying."

Sidebar: 「クルクルくりんfeat. るんるんカンパニー」 の似顔絵をヨロシク!! アテ先
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I'm not going to bother translating the address.

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