Sunday, September 27, 2009

Kurin, Page 9

Here's page 9
Panel 1
If you try to integrate multiple works like this, it causes multiple inconsistencies!!

Don't you just love self-referential jokes? We've got a cross-over between the Runerune Company cast and the Kurukuru Kurin group, which we're now being told is going to throw off the timeline of the universe! (Among other things...)

Don't talk about this in front of the audience!

Literally, it's closer to "Don't raise this issue in public!", which I think is kind of hard to follow as a joke. It's kind of like "don't air this dirty laundry in public". My version retains the same sense, but it makes the joke more blatant and therefore easier to catch quickly.

Panel 2
ちなみに名字だけでなく冒険王 まんが王 とゆー下の名前が気がねなく使えるのは秋田書店だけ
Incidentally, it's not just our last names - our first names, Bouken-Oh and Manga-Oh, can be used by Akita Books only!

As mentioned earlier, "Bouken-Oh" and "Manga-Oh" translate to "Adventure King" and "Manga King", and have been used for 20-30 years as slogans by Akita, the publisher of Shonen Champion. I probably don't need to mention that the brothers' last names are "Akita"...

Panel 3
遅れてるみたいだけど もう出発ラウンジに入っちゃおうか
It looks like there is a delay, but let's go to the departure lounge anyway.


Panel 4
これ くぐるの?
Through here?

そう 単なる金属探知機 だから心配しなくていい
Yes. It's just a metal detector, so don't worry about it.

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