Monday, October 19, 2009

Don Dracula, Chapter 4, Page 10

Here's the text from page 10

Panel 1
どうやって?  どっか掘るの
How?  Where will you drill?

Panel 2
そんなノンビリしたことしておられるか 手段を選ぶヒマはないっ。  石油船を乗っ
I don't have the time for such a carefree approach.  I'm going to hijack an oil tanker.

"nonbiri" is carefree.  I could have used "I don't have time to dilly-dally", or something equivalent., but I wanted to keep the meaning from "nonbiri".  "I don't have time for such a carefree approach" sounds stilted in English, though.

Panel 3
じゃ 泥棒じゃん
So, you're going to be a thief.

"jan" is a shortened form of "ja nai", giving "well, thief isn't it".  I used the above wording because it fits her tone of voice.

そうだ 泥棒もやむをえんわい。 ドラキュラ家の名誉のためだ。
That's right. I'll even resort to thievery.  It's for the honor of the Dracula name!

Panel 4
You'll help, too.

いやアン  泥棒のてつだいなんか
Iyan! I don't want to be an assistant thief!

"iyan" is a version of "iya", meaning "I don't like it" or "I don't want to".  It's also a cute sound effect and I decided to keep it as it is.

Literally, we have "no, thief's help something".  Or, "I don't like it, something like a thief helper".  I went with "Iyan! I don't want to be an assistant thief" because it reads a little better.

よいか すこし長旅になるぞかぜをひかぬようにせい
Are you ready? This may be a long trip, so take care to not catch a cold.

"yoi ka" can mean "is it good" or "are you willing to do this?"  In this case, though, it can have the meaning of "are you ready to leave?"

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