Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Don Dracula, Chapter 4, Page 12

Here's the text from page 12

Panel 1
あ。。。あっ ウウアアアアッウムギューッ
Ah... Ah, uwahhhhh, erg, glrk

Panel 2
Run away!!

Technically, "deta" means "get out" or "leave".  But, the captain is screaming this as he's trying to escape, so I used the Monty Python "run away" reference.

Panel 3
Forgive me, Captain.

"waruku omou na" is generally translated by scanilators as "don't think badly of me", and that's the literal meaning.  But, "forgive me" is a more common phrase in English with the same nuance, so that's what I used.

Panel 4
おい なんだ あいつは。
Hey, what is that?

Isn't it a movie vampire?

Technically, I should have said "movie Dracula".  But, Tezuka is using the word "Dracula" interchangeably with "vampire" and the Japanese "blood sucking demon", and "movie vampire" seems to make a little more sense in English.

だれだい あんなのを船へ乗せたやつは!
Who let that on the ship!

Panel 5
じょうだんじゃない ホントに血を吸ってやがら
It's no joke, that's a real blood sucker!

Generally "joudan jai nai" gets treated as "no kidding", "no fooling" or "don't joke".  In this specific case, the crew member is realizing that Dracula is the real thing rather than a prank, so I used "It's no joke" to convey that sensation.

もう 船長も一等航海士も血を吸われたぞーっ
It's already got the Captain and First Mate!

Panel 6

Panel 7

Panel 8
ヒヒヒヒッ  ウヒヒヒヒャ くしゅぐったい
Hee hee hee... it, it tickles.

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