Thursday, October 22, 2009

Don Dracula, Chapter 4, Page 13

Here's the text from page 13

Panel 1

In Japan, there are many different gods and goddesses, and "kami-sama" is usually a distress call to which ever god or goddess is nearest to hear it.  I dislike converting this phrase to "God, please help me" or something similar because that introduces all of the baggage of the western religions.  I'd rather leave it as-is, and have the reader request clarification from me.

Panel 2
おとうさん  何人血を吸ったら気がすもの? いじきたないわ
Father, how many people are you doing to drain? You're just being greedy.

Technically, "吸ったら" is the conditional form of "to suck, sip or slurp", although it does have the meaning "to kiss".  "How many people are you going to suck" sounds wrong in English.  I could have gone with "how many people are you going to bite", but since Dracula is getting really full now, "drain" has more of the meaning of drinking the blood than just biting the victims does.

Panel 3
この船の人間ひとり残らず吸いつくすぞゲーイ。  あと三人。
I need to get everyone on the ship, no exceptions.  Burp.  Just 3 more.


"ya" comes from "iya da", or, "I don't like it".  The context is that she doesn't approve of her father's behavior.  I used "geez" because it maintains the same feeling of exasperation.

Panel 4
おねがいだやめてくれ。 いやだ 後生だ
Please, stop! I don't like the after-life!

Preferably, I would have used "I don't want to be an undead", but "zombie", "undead", "vampiric slave" and "the after-life" are distinctly different words with different kanji.  Tezuka is specifically using the kanji for "I don't like it, the after-life is".  So, that's what I went after.

Panel 5
ゲーイ。 さすがに四十人分吸ったら胸が悪くなってきたな
Belch. Wow, I bit 40 people.  My tummy's all gurgly.

Technically, "my chest became bad".  Basically, "I have an upset stomach". I went with something that sounds a bit more childish to fit the mood.

Panel 6
わがキバにかかりししもべどもよ全員  上甲板に集合せよ
Servants of my fang, all of you come to the upper deck!

Panel 7
おまえたちはもう わがしもべだわが命ずるままに従わねばならぬ!  ただいまよ
り この船の主は私である ただちに日本へ向け急行せよ。
You are all now my servants and you will obey my orders! As of now, I am the master of this ship. Depart with all speed to Japan!

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