Friday, October 23, 2009

Don Dracula, Chapter 4, Page 14

Here's the text from page 14

Panel 1
さっさと持ち場へいけ ノロノロするなっ
Take your positions quickly! No loitering!

"noronoro suru na" = "don't walk slowly".

Panel 2

Panel 3
大丈夫 おとうさん
Father, are you ok?

Chocola, do you have stomach medicine?

Panel 4
どうも いささか飲みすぎたかなア。  ゆれるとムカッときて はきそうになる。

I may have had a bit too much to drink. With the swaying and all, I feel like vomiting.

Panel 5

Panel 6
Gya!  Water!

Panel 7

あ あ 雨 だーっ 助けて!!
R, r, rain! Save me!!

Panel 8
チョコラッ せ 背中に み 水がついてないか みてくれっ
Chocola! I don't have any water on my back, do I? Please look!

早く 船倉へかくれましょ
Quickly, let's get in the hold!

Panel 9
ねえ ドラキュラってどーして水がこわいんでしょうね
Neh, why are Dracula's afraid of the water?

Again, "Dracula" is used interchangeably with "vampire".  This time, I kept with "Dracula" to imply that the entire Dracula family has the same issues.

You think I know?!

"shiteru ka" (I know?) is often used when someone asks for information that the other person doesn't know.  Normally, this gets treated literally as "That thing I know?", and cleaned up as "You think I know that?"  Although, "Why should I know?" and "How should I know?" are just as appropriate.

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