Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Don Dracula, Chapter 4, Page 19

Here's the text from page 19

Panel 1
タダデ モラエルカソノ船
For free, giving us this ship.

Panel 2
日本人。。。 ヤサシイネ ホント シンセツネ。。。 マズシイ国ニ。。。  ワタ
シ。。。   。。。思ウズ泣ケテクルヨ
Japanese people... really are kind and gentle... to poor countries...  I cry... thinking about it.

What's interesting in this panel is that the village elder had specifically referred to himself as the island's prime minister, and Dracula had also said that he'd make "the prime minister" bow before him.  So, the joke is that Dracula has (kind of) succeeded in his pledge in this panel, but Tezuka doesn't actually come right out and say that.

Panel 3
ミンナ!! 日本コノ船クレタ!!
People!! Japan gave us this ship!!

Panel 4
心カラノ感謝ノシルシ。。。 ドウゾ。。。
As evidence of our heartfelt gratitude... here...

Panel 5
オジョウサン 花ノカンマリドーゾ
Little girl... A flower wreath... here...

Panel 6
Our county's sole product. We'll give you as much as you want.

Panel 7
It's garlic.

Panel 8

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