Thursday, October 29, 2009

Don Dracula, Chapter 4, Page 20

Here's the text from page 20

Panel 1

Panel 2
ハア  ハア ハア ハア

Panel 3
よく 日本へもどれたわね。。。おとうさん
We made it all the way back to Japan, father.

ガチ ガチ ガチ ガチ

Panel 4
But they were such nice people, too.

"no ni" is used to contrast the statement against an earlier statement (voiced or not), so I used "but they were nice" to contrast the fact that she'd just run away from them.

Panel 5
あたしねー なんとかニニクだけは なれようと思ってるんだけど
I think I could become accustomed to garlic, at least.

じょ。。。  じょうだんじゃない!!
Don't kid about things like that!!

Panel 6
そんな事したらからだによくない!! ニンニクと水 十字架 これは絶対禁物だ。
If you did that, your body would turn weak. Garlic, water and the cross are all antithesis for us. That, and sunlight, and being impaled with a stake.

"karada ni yokunai" literally means "body becomes bad" or "your health would suffer".

Panel 7
We're not careless enough to impale ourselves with stakes, are we?

(That's really rare, right?)

ああ そのときゃ ドラキュラはおしまいだ
Ah, if that happened, we'd be done for.

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