Friday, October 30, 2009

Don Dracula, Chapter 4, Page 21

Here's the text from page 21

Panel 1
かわいそうに。。。 おとうさんたら疲れて寝ちゃったわ
Poor father, he's so tired he fell right to sleep.

Panel 2
まっててね イゴールを迎えにこさせるから。。。
Stay here. I'll go fetch Igor...

In this sentence, we have "イゴールを迎えにこさせるから", or "igor . object marker . meet/welcome . towards . to come (causative) . because".  "Because I'll meet Igor to have him come here".  "meet X to have him come here" can easily be reduced to "go fetch X".  "because" is implied, so I just opted to drop it.

Panel 3
Another drunk?

What's funny is that "yopparai" usually means "to be drunk".  Here, it could be "is he drunk?" or "is he a drunkard?"  I went with "Another drunk?", because the implication is that the construction workers have seen more than one drunk in the past.

Mister, please wake up.  We're putting stakes in here.

Panel 3
Move outta da way.

"doki" could mean "we're angry".  "doke" means "get out of the way".  "doke na" would be "doke na sai", or "move out of the way".  I decided to treat this as a pronunciation slip and turned it into "bad English".

クイ打つんだよ だんな
We're driving in stakes, mister.

Panel 4

When will a day of rest ever visit Dracula?!

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