Monday, October 12, 2009

Don Dracula, Chapter 4, Page 3

Here's the text from page 3

Panel 1
There you are.  Gotcha.

Panel 2
だいたい この棺はフケツなのよ。一度虫ぼしをしたら?
Well, your coffin is filthy.  Why don't you air it out at least once?

"mushi boshi" means "to air out", as in putting a futon mattress out to dry.

Panel 3
な な なんだとっ

Panel 4
わしの棺を昼日中の空気にさらすって。 ととんでもないっ
Expose my coffin to daytime air? Be serious!

Literally, "tondemonai" means "outrageous", but in this usage, "be serious" is more appropriate in English.

Panel 5
わ。。。  カユイ  カイ
Wah..  Itchy itchy.

Panel 6
おとうさん かっこわるいからやめて!!
Father, that's disgusting!  Stop it!

"kakko warui" means "unstylish" or "uncool".  Which doesn't really work if Chocola is the one saying it.  I decided to treat it as "that's disgusting, put your clothes back on".

It's ok for anyone to be disgusting in their own home.

Panel 7
いたぞ一匹。。。  こんなに吸いおった
There you are.  He's full of blood.

Panel 8
あっ。。。 食べちゃった!
Ah, you ate it!

わしの血だ もったいない
It's my blood, I won't waste it.

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