Thursday, October 15, 2009

Don Dracula, Chapter 4, Page 6

Here's the text from page 6

Panel 1
なに。。。っ 『あなたを首相主催晩さん会にご招待申しあげたくご案内をさしあ
What?  "This is to inform you that you have been invited to a dinner party at the Ministry residence."

首相が  めしおごるっちゅうでございますかね
The Prime Minister is graciously offering you a meal, eh.

Panel 2
いや もっともじゃ。私もいやしくもトランシルヴァニアの伯爵! 貴族の家柄とも
なれば。 一国の宰相に夕食に招かれても不思議はないっ
No, more than that. Even to a slight degree, I am a Transylvanian Earl! From noble blood, if I may brag. It's no wonder the Prime Minster would want me to join him for dinner.

Panel 3
You should make preparations. It may be a trap.

One would expect the Prime Minster to be discerning enough to do what is right.

Panel 4
おとうさん おみやげおねがい
Father, bring something back for me!

いいとも 家の美人をひとりさらってきてやるぞ
Good idea. I'll abduct a beauty from the house for you.

"sarette" means "carry off".  I interpreted this to be "abduct" or "abscond with".  The joke could have been funnier if I could have figured out how to use "order carry out".

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