Friday, October 16, 2009

Don Dracula, Chapter 4, Page 7

Here's the text from page 7

Panel 1
どけーっ VIP のお通りだ
Out of the way! VIP coming through!

Panel 2
え? トランシルヴァニアの伯爵?
Eh? A Transylvanian Earl?

Panel 3
おい ご招待したかね
Oi, he does have an invitation.

いえ。。。 リストにはございません
No... He's not on the list.

Panel 4
"Not on the list!" Look, I've got the invitation!!

Panel 5
し しばらくお待ちを。。。
One, one moment please...

Panel 6
まことに。。。 当方の手違いでして。。。 今夜はアラブ産油国のかたがたをお
We're really sorry, we made an error...  This evening's invitation is for the Arab oil-producing nations.

Panel 7
Arab oil-producing nations?

はあ どうも秘書官のほうでトランシルヴァニアをアラブのどっかの国とかんちが
Yes, apparently the minister's secretary mistakenly thought that Transylvania was an Arab country...

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