Saturday, October 17, 2009

Don Dracula, Chapter 4, Page 8

Here's the text from page 8

Panel 1
わがトランシルヴァニアがアラブのどっかの国だと?  ブレイモノッ
You thought that my Transylvania is an Arab country? Insolent!

"bureimono" is "rude person".  I decided to use "insolent" as a noun form of "you insolent pest".

Panel 2
If you're not Arab, you have no place here.  Please return.

Panel 3
アラブは石油がとれるから ていねいにおもてなししろと政府の決定なんですいま石油不足ですから
The Arabs have the oil, so the government has decided that we must shower them with hospitality.  We're a little tight on oil right now.


Panel 4
よくも 私をブジョクしたな!!
How dare you... You can't insult me like this!

Panel 5
I'll destroy this mansion!

Panel 6
ご主人さまヒスをおこさないでくださいまして お逃げになった方がぶなんです
Master, you're hysteric, please calm yourself. It's best if we flee this place.

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