Sunday, October 18, 2009

Don Dracula, Chapter 4, Page 9

Here's the text from page 9

Panel 1
I'll prove that Transylvania has oil!!

All right, I'll return home tonight. But I'll have my revenge for your looking down on Transylvania!

I know that "looking down on" is awkward, but it's the closest reading to "mikubiri".  I could have gone with "I'll have my revenge on this insult against Transylvania", but I didn't.

Panel 2
ウッヘッヘ   石油とれる国ならいつでも大歓迎いたしますよ
U-heh-heh.  We'll give a warm welcome to any country that produces oil.

Panel 3
ーというわけだチョコラ 私はなーもう はらがたって はらがって
So that's that, Chocola.  My dander is up now.

"tou iu wake da" = "for the reason I just explained".

"hara ga tatte" = "my stomach is standing up"/"I'm angry now".  The Japanese people have traditionally considered the stomach to be an important source of feelings, as well as needing to be treated well to avoid illness.

Panel 4
よっぽど首すじにかみついてやろうとしたが。  あまりにもまずそうなやつばからでな!
Even though I could have thrown myself at their necks, they looked foul-tasting, the lot of them!

Panel 5
お話がうますぎると思ったわ。  だって吸血鬼が首相に歓迎されるはずないじゃん。
I thought it sounded too good to be true.  I mean, the Prime Minister wouldn't welcome vampires, would he?

I like this one.  "The conversation sounded too delicious, I thought".

Panel 6
私は宣言する。  ドラキュラ家の紋章にかけてイジでも首相に私の前で頭をさげさせてみせるぞっ。  それにはな石油をまず手に入れる事だっ
I'm making a declaration! For the pride of the Dracula family crest, I'll make the Prime Minister bow before me! And I'll start by getting my hands on some oil!

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