Saturday, October 10, 2009

Don Dracula, Chapter 4, Page 1

I'd previously written that I only have 2 chapters from this series right now - ch. 1 and ch. 4.  I've already run the first one, so I guess that this is the last one.  Funny how science works.

I did find the 3 collected volumes of "Don Dracula" manga, but I'm not going to scan in all of the chapters.  I think that chapters 1 and 4 are enough to give you a taste for this series, and my primary interest has been and still is to focus on learning conversational Japanese.  Having said that, I find it amusing that the "Osamu Tezuka Manga Complete Works" edition of the books have English summaries of the chapters on the first page.  In these summaries, we're told that a mercantile firm bought up Dracula's castle and moved it to Tokyo, which is why Dracula and Chocola are both living here now.  We also learn that Dracula's first victim after coming to Japan is named "Blonda"; and that he'd divorced his werewolf wife, Camilla, 300 years ago, shortly after Chocola was born, because Camilla is a human-killer and she had wanted to raise Chocola the same way.  Also, we've got confirmation on the English spelling of "Chocola".


Here's the text from page 1of chapter 4.

Don Dracula

Chapter 4 "Dracula Tanker"

ドジでクールな 2 枚目ヒーロー(?)に女性ファン急増中!!
The clumsy, cool, handsome hero's (?) female fans increase explosively!!

"2 mai me" is a way to refer to someone extremely handsome, and may come from Kabuki usage.

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